New version of Bliss Launcher options

Hello to all,

As announced below, there will be a new version of BlissLauncher :

@Manoj, Naive question, did you take user suggestions into account?

I don’t know if it’s too late regarding the specifications for this update, but it could be interesting either:

  • To propose on your side some options to implement and to see the opinion of the users
  • To ask users which options/features they would like to see on this launcher.

I guess the team has already some ideas :slight_smile:

For me I would like for example :

  • Rearrange the applications as I want (even if it means leaving some empty spaces)
  • Put widgets somewhere else than on the left page (even if it contradicts maybe too much the basic philosophy of this launcher)
  • Have a “hide apps” option.

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Any news about Bliss Launcher?
Maybe already new functions in v1.11?

Some news here : Murena & /e/OS roadmap for 2023 and beyond

Nice timing :slight_smile:
It would be also nice if there would be more or specific information about the updated Bliss Launcher?

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Hello! I was looking for an update on the Bliss Launcher roadmap please, in particular looking for support for larger screens (tablets etc). I would appreciate any information. I have been looking around, but have not been able to locate further updates on the plan.
Thanks you!

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The OP contains a link to the Development Updates for that week. The latest state of play has been updated most weeks, so scanning through the year end and new year posts will give the slowly developing picture which seems to go hand in hand with testing rotation with planned tablet(s) for /e/.


Hi, I just installed /e/ and, coming from Lineage, I must say I am surprised and disappointed by the launcher.
No context menu when long press on app, no app lock, etc … it reminds me android launcher 10 years ago.
I think there is a incoherence between the announced products (OS or phones) and the value delivered.
The OS is supposed to be an improvement, a freedom from Google, the sold phones are pretty high end, but the launcher is not reflecting that.
Marketing strategy is not at the level of the OS.

New launcher coming soon :

Hopefully it will bring some improvements.

Also you can download and use any launcher you prefer, I don’t understand why criticizing something that you can so easily change.

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I was reading through all the development updates, roadmap, etc docs I could find. Can I please confirm the plan is still for Bliss Launcher 3 to have tablet support? Also what is the revised target release date for Bliss Launcher 3 please?

Any information is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

We are now Week 13, Development Updates, I see this

… and further comments in the thread.

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In case you didn’t know about this one, there’s Simple Launcher on F-Droid, which works like Trebuchet.

Launch planned early 2024.
ETA: End of April :crossed_fingers:

Will the launch of BlissLauncher v3 still be scheduled for the end of April 2024 or is a later date more realistic?

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It was not a critics, but rather a comments.
It is part of benchmarking.

Hi, thanks for taking the time to informing me.
It is nice, but some features are missing compared to Trebuchet (app lock for instance)
also, playing with it quickly, I found a bug (I think)
The clock widget on screen will stick to analog display, cannot be changed to digital display (although it appears as digital when the clock app is opened)

Right, it’s not perfect but just a better one

Can’t find fix for the issues you brought up though just found this one, seems to work smoother at least.

Trebucet on your /e/OS device? - Show the community how you mangaed to install it on /e/OS! - #2 by chrisrg

Interesting. It seems it is possible to have widgets on any home screen. There is no menu to add them, but if an app itself prompts adding widget or shortcut, it gets added

I’d like to put the calendar widget in my homepage. I don’t like to move to the widget page every time I need to look at my schedule. In addition the widget page isn’t very customisable: it’s impossible to turn off the most used list and it’s impossible to reorder the widget position. I’d like to have the trebuchet launcher preloaded as a default option togheter with bliss launcher.

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