Newbie question re: setting up PC to flash e OS

I want to thank you all in advance for your patience. I am very much a newbie- have never flashed a custom ROM before. I received my OnePlus 5T today and am preparing my Ubuntu 19.04 PC. I’ve installed ADB and FastBoot. The /e/ installation instructions for the 5T indicate that android-udev-rules should also be installed. The instructions for these rules are located here: It appears that the Ubuntu instructions direct me to clone the repository. I’m not sure what this means… Should I simply create a script from this information and run it? Or is it possible that I don’t need to install the android-udev-rules since the instructions state that they “may” be necessary?

Thank you!

I’m have flashed custom roms from around 20.differnet linux / Ubuntu versions and i never gave setup the udev rules.

Connect your phone via usb and run in terminal.the command
adb devices

Than the adb server should start
Than run the command again and your device should be listed.

If that work, your setup is fine and you can start with flashing twrp

Never had to install those when I’ve installed mine on Elementary OS, Just installed heimdall from the website, installed easily and everything went extremely smooth.

I seem to understand this is needed for android studio for developpers, not for regular users

Yes @blaes ADB is not exactly required for regular users but having it on your PC can help you get a better control on your android phone. Since we are in the business of flashing custom ROM’s it is an essential tool for us .
To get in on Ubuntu you just run the below command
sudo apt-get install android-tools-adb android-tools-fastboot

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However, Like we, regular users, are flashings roms on smartphone, not full android studio tools are required.
I suppose some kind of already made script or GUI, would help reassure with people scared of terminal, especially on Windows and Mac.
Even if the guide is genuinely easy to follow, at least, it was for me.

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Agree. We are working on an easy installer but it is still in its early development stage. It may not have much of a GUI and be more command line but still should be easy to use for all. Will share the details once it is tested and ready for release.

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@Manoj : ADB and fastboot are indeed useful for regular users to install a recovery or files transfer when there is no sd card slot etc…

I meant this one seems needed for developpers not for regular users