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Hi there!
Since some months I am looking for an alternative to google/apple, so I found /e/os. I just read some faq and reports on this page, but there remain some very basic questions for me:

I will use a Galaxy S9, so the easy installer will do all work for installing /e/os - so just reset my old S9, download the easy-install file and install the OS on the phone - no extra steps (bootloader, flash etc.) Any chance that my phone will “break” and is useless after then?

I need to use my bluetooth speaker in my car - this does work without issues?

Thanks in advance!!

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The Easy Installer works fine on the Galaxy S9’s, I had no issues with it.
Bluetooth also works perfectly (which is great because I was a huge user of Android Auto, BT is a 90% solution for me).
If you’re in the US, be advised that the /e/-capable S9s don’t always play nice with the T-Mobile network or any of its MVNOs.

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Hi HellsBells!

Thanks for your answer. Since I have no experience with google/apple alternatives I am looking for something “easy to understand” and for gaining experience.
thanks again!

I have to say that that is a downside of Easy Installer. It is described as Beta, and I suggest it is easy to use when you know where you are going. In general it should cope with a few unexpected circumstances, but it might not.

If you are saying that you have very little experience and you want a learning experience it may not be your best fit with a valuable phone.

You might like to find a junk shop phone and experiment with lower risks, the reading you will then have done should allow you to make the judgement on your S9 without anxiety.

Bon chance :slight_smile:

Getting Started on /e/OS

… Oh and you might search for Bluetooth issues here, and check if it affects that device, it is being worked on!

Know your hardware - Samsung

Hi aibd and thanks for your answer!

If I understand correctly: I can use Easy Installer with my S9 without any pre-work?

@joesy, You might want to check your Samsung’s exact model number here before you begin. I believe some regional differences in the models might determine your success with a Samsung…Exynos vs. Qualcomm processor, etc.

I’ve read also that you will not be able to get VoLTE operational on a Samsung with /e/, because of Samsung’s proprietary VoLTE/IMS implementation, so if that’s a consideration with your available providers, keep that in mind.

Bonne chance!