Newby needs help


i installed /e/ 1 hour ago on my xioami mi a1. I cant find the appstore which is pronounced on the website.

Can somebody help me?

Kind greetings Julius

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It’s development is not done yet, so it’s not included in current versions of /e/. You’ll have to download apps from somewhere else. I recommend F-Droid.

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Hello, you Can use yalp store in addition to f-droid, this will allow you to have access to all Google Play apps without a Google Account.

To download f-droid

You can fond yalp store on f-droid

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Hi @JJoerg which device and version of /e/ build are you using?

Hey Manoj,

i wrote the comment in february. It seems like i was not patient enough, because i got the appstore with one of the last updates.

@Manoj but you can maybe help with the problem i have since i Start to use /e/.

I cant install an OTA update because my xiaomi mi A1 always ends in an endless loop with black screen. Then i have to delete all with TWRP and ADB and flash the rom manually. But i dont know why, when i flash the rom for the first time after deleting all, it ends in endless loop with black screen too. only when I flash the rom again for a second time without wipe /e/ starts normaly.

When i want to install update without losing data, i have to install update manually. And then i got the same Problem, first time endless loop with black screen, second time /e/ starts normaly without losing data.

I got the baseband for german LTE (Band 20) here a Screenshot:

Hi @JJoerg can you try and sideload the official /e/ ROM to check if subsequent builds come in OTA. We had this issue with some MiA1 phones including mine a couple of months back . After some testing we found a solution and it was posted here. Put phone in sideload mode on TWRP and through PC flash the ROM with the adb sideload command. Please can you try that and let us know if that helps with the OTA issue.
Another problem could be if your MiA1 was flashed with the Pie Stock ROM then it will not work with Oreo ROM’s. In that case you will have to upgrade to the /e/ Pie ROM for MiA1 . Right now we have a test version available here. This is only if you had flashed Pie if not the above method should work.

Hello @Manoj,

thanks for your help. When i go on this link: the instruction says i have to download “e-0.2-201901212733 image”. But the link for “e-0.2-201901212733 image” is not working, can you please fix this? Then i can try this solution.

Greetings Julius

Hi @JJoerg thanks for pointing this out. The point being conveyed was to download the current latest build and then sideload it. The subsequent builds then come OTA as required.
When the wiki was updated this image would have been the latest. It does not mean specifically this build. Will have the wiki page updated accordingly.

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Hey @Manoj yesterday i installed with ADB sideload. Today i installed with OTA and again my phone ends in blackscreen.

In my case your solution does not help, i think because of we have different baseband-version. Do you have an second idea?

Kind Regards Julius

The baseband could be an issue. Were you at anytime on Pie Stock ROM. Oreo on top of Pie makes the phone behave in strange ways.
The baseband looks a bit like the numbers on my phone

I am running a test build of Pie on my tissot. We would be releasing the official Pie builds for supported devices soon. That may be the solution for this issue.

I dont know which android version i had installed before i installed /e/. Is there a way to check this after i allready installed /e/?

It is not possible to find what version was flashed earlier. You can see what is the baseband version currently on your phone. It should be the same as in the screenshot you have shared above.

Thanks @Manoj your solution worked perfectly for me. Just my GPS seems to have some issues again, but sound is working without editing the build.prop