Newpipe and Storage Access Framework (SAF)

I wonder if someone using Newpipe find a solution for download audio. In the forum I don’t find a topic on this.
My phone is an FP4 with eOS. The version of Newpipe is 0.22.0.
Newpipe settings show an option that can’t be selected about “using SAF”:

This is the message when try to download:

I understand there’s an issue with SAF; I read about install an external downloader. I tried two apps without solve the problem.
I also take a look at the authorizations of Newpipe, same result.


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I solved it myself. I reinstall DocumentsUI (aka stock file manager) once removed for another third-party-apps. I found it in system/priv-app//DocumentsUI.
Now, if I try to save video/audio from NewPipe the app DocumentsUI start.