NewPipe on GS290

Hello you all

I recently bought a GigaSpace GS290 and installed /e/ on it.
Like it so far but I have one problem with the App NewPipe and I was asking myself if the problem is the App or the phone.

I cannot watch videos with more than 720p.
On 1080p or highter the videos start to stutter as if there is a too slow connection.
The connection is not the problem. On my old iPhone or even on my TV we can watch 4K videos without any problems.

Is the problem the phone or the App?
Is the phone too slow to watch movies at 1080p or 4K or has the App itself a problem?
Maybe another user with a GS290 can help me out?

Greetings and thank you very much in advance for your replys.

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I watch videos in HD on my Gigaset GS290 with VLC you can download from f-droid or Applounge.

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Thanks for the reply.

HD is usually 720p
Does FullHD work on your GS290 ?
And do you have NewPipe ? Does it work with 1080p ?

I look my Camera Security Vids @ Home over WiFi with HD 1080…

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In my case, with newpipe i can’t see 1080p because the video lagged and interrupted everytime. So you can try Libretube (like newpipe but more quick) and select 1080p if it will work mean newpipe is the problem, if not i think it’s a hardware limit of gs290.

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Hello @Dodo

Try changing the ‘videoformat’, MPEG-4 is default i think. For me changeing to WebM help on one of my devices (not a GS290). It’s a codec problem I guess, either hardware or software. But since today some videos from certain channels stutter again…

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Same problem with the same phone here (gs290).

Is there a good (better?) alternative to newpipe?

Even buffers at 480mp, so very annoying.
Never had a problem with previous phone on android and youtube app. Even at super high quality…

In the meantime I’m trying the WebM format