Newset 0.9 build update for Samung Galaxy S6 - is it safe now?

Would this updated Oreo build run on the S6 Edge (Zeroltexx) ?

If yes, I would gladly test it and give some feeback.

If not, would it be possible to have a similar build for the S6 Edge ?

Thanks, wish you a good weekend :smiley:

I’m not sure you can use it on the edge. I would not risk it and brick your device.
I will try to update build for zeroltexx

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thanks for the replies.

I would like to test it on my Galaxy S6. But where can I download an earlier build version that works in case I have to get back to it?

Kind regards

I really can’t answer your question. I suggest you make a backup of your current rom or install for example a working unofficial lineage build first and backup that one.

I installed it, and it didn’t yet get beyond the boot screen animation where the dot is dangling under the ‘e’ letter, and the dot has been dangling since ten minutes now, but it didn’t proceed to the “your data is your data” logo.

I now restored today’s backup. Seems like this build doesn’t work on my device… :-/

Make a backup first before trying.

Fingers crossed

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What’s that, another version of the build? The name is the same.

Sorry to hear that :pensive:
Thnx for the effort and responses. Maybe some developer will find the time and build one.

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No, this is zeroltexx, not zeroFltexx.
The zeroltexx is codename for the S6 edge

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Wow that was so fast ! Thank you so, so much ! I will make a backup and clean-flash it tomorrow. I’ll be sure to give you feedback soon.

Once again thank you, I hope to learn to build one day when I have more time.

Cheers :smiley:

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You can backup and restore your actual system with the TWRP dedicated feature

@itsclarence Test builds
s6-zerofltexx . s6edge-zeroltexx (oreo) Testing results can be found here : /e/ on Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge SM-G925F (zeroltexx)

Last official dev builds : s6-zeroflrexx . s6edge-zeroltexx (nougat)


I made a post about my testing of the Galaxy S6 Edge (zeroltexx) updated Oreo build ( e-0.11-o-20200926-UNOFFICIAL-zeroltexx) in a device specific thread in order to keep this thread about the Galaxy S6 (Zerofltexx).

It can be found here : /e/ on Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge SM-G925F (zeroltexx)

I wish you all a good day :slight_smile:


Hello itsclarence!
Today I tried your “”-image. It’s working!!!
I can use WLAN, install apps, the torch is working, first camera test was successful !!!
I’ ll report more after testing.

Thank you for creating this image !!! :blush: :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll try to update this build next week… enjoy and let me know how it is running.

Synchronizing of calendar and contacts with nextcloud is successfully working ! Lot of installed apps successfully installed. At the moment no issue ! :slightly_smiling_face:

I am looking forward to your update!

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Hello itsclarence!
Today I replaced the batterie of my S6, because it blow up while charging and blasts the backcover of my phone. So I was able to test some apps. I found that the contacts app always crashes and the app “open map” only shows a black screen. Contacts can be shown in the phone app.
The WLAN connection loses the access to the internet after some minutes of inactivity. After WLAN switch off and on, the connection is working.
I tested lots of other apps like k9mail, Phone ticket apps, qr-readers, smarthome apps. All without any errors.

@itsclarence made a new eOS-Q-build for the Samsung Galaxy S6 (zerofltexx).

Make a backup before flashing, and please share your experience with this build.

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Good morning,

do I understand correctly that a new build is available for zerofltexx that is actually functional?

Kind regards

Indeed, you can find it here. You can read @SuzieQ’s testing feedback in the same post.

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And it does work! At last a new build! Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

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