Newset 0.9 build update for Samung Galaxy S6 - is it safe now?

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coming back to this topic, where we discussed issues with updates inherent in the 0.8 build for my Samsung Galaxy S6 that lead to my phone not functioning properly, my device now announces to me that new updates are available that are denoted as 0.9 builds.

In the aforesaid thread user archje mentioned that

A change for the better can only be expected with the migration to /e/ OS 9-pie.

I haven’t tested these updates yet, but before I again go through the whole procedure of installing the new build and then returning to a previous build by means of a backup, can someone give me the green light as to downloading and installing the newest 0.9 build update dated from the 15th of May on my Samsung Galaxy S6 device?

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0.9 doesn’t mean Pie. 0.9 is just the version of /e/, not the version of Android.

Check the issue on the gitlab to see if it’s solved or not. If you see nothing, it’s probably not solved.

For information only - Subject: Galaxy S6 Edge e-0.9-n-2020051554230-dev-zeroltexx

That’s good to know, thank you. How can I find out which Pie version is behind which update?

Where can I do so?

Yeah, sounds spookily familiar…

Sorry for asking again, but I would kindly like to ask if could you answer the aforesaid questions?
Right now I am more or less in the dark as to when or whether at all I can safely update the /e/ system on my device again, if ever. Thank you! :slight_smile:

Sorry, I “forgot” you :wink:

Here is the topic about it, you will find the link of the issue :

For now it’s not solved so do not update.

Alright, I will keep an eye an it, thank you!

Hello again,

have there been any news as to the zerofltexx build?
Am I right that this link shows all currently available builds for zerofltexx?
If yes, have those 0.8 and 0.9 builds, which had been availible when this discussion was started, been removed from that list because they were causing too much trouble?

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Does no one know any answer?

Hi @harvey186 @petefoth @Chimpthepimp dear builders

I understand why none developer or power-user own this Samsung Galaxy s6 device (lack of sd-card slot) but it still have some users

There was no dev build for this device since
the unofficial build is on oreo and is dated too
Could you please have a look if you can do something for our /e/-s6-users ?

There is a severe issue
Maybe a custom version without torch. app if it is possible, could solve the problem

According to the linked defect, later builds - oreo and pie - were made but they had a bug that made the phone unusable. Nothing in the defect report indicates that the problem has been fixed, and no clear indication (in my reading) that the torch app is to blame. So any new build is likely to have the same problem.

I don’t have the ability or knowledge to make a build without certain apps - I just run Docker, and if the builds work, then great. If they don’t, then there’s not a lot I can do.

Also, I don’t have any plans to make more builds any time soon. If I do, they will likely be for Sony devices currently limited to Nougat builds.

In short, I’m sorry, but I don’t think I can help :frowning:

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Maybe someone is willing to try this updated Oreo-build to see if the problem still exists.
I didn’t costumize it, just updated.
So make a backup first and share your experience

Would this updated Oreo build run on the S6 Edge (Zeroltexx) ?

If yes, I would gladly test it and give some feeback.

If not, would it be possible to have a similar build for the S6 Edge ?

Thanks, wish you a good weekend :smiley:

I’m not sure you can use it on the edge. I would not risk it and brick your device.
I will try to update build for zeroltexx

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thanks for the replies.

I would like to test it on my Galaxy S6. But where can I download an earlier build version that works in case I have to get back to it?

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I really can’t answer your question. I suggest you make a backup of your current rom or install for example a working unofficial lineage build first and backup that one.

I installed it, and it didn’t yet get beyond the boot screen animation where the dot is dangling under the ‘e’ letter, and the dot has been dangling since ten minutes now, but it didn’t proceed to the “your data is your data” logo.

I now restored today’s backup. Seems like this build doesn’t work on my device… :-/

Make a backup first before trying.

Fingers crossed

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What’s that, another version of the build? The name is the same.

Sorry to hear that :pensive:
Thnx for the effort and responses. Maybe some developer will find the time and build one.

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