Nexcloud don't work

Hello! Nexcloud doesn’t work, after configuration app don’t start, return on configuration. I have tried in many release eelo.

Hi, do you mean / Webdav or did you download nextcloud app from f-droid ?
Bonjour, voulez-vous dire / Webdav ou avez-vous chargé depuis f-droid l’application Nextcloud ? (translated via

Hi, app installed by f-droid. Since version 3.3.0 has only worked a few days the DEV version. After eelo update the problem has reoccurred.
Ça tourne en rond, sans issue de la phase de configuration du compte nextcloud.

On my xiaomi note 4 I have installed version 3.3.2 and works with my own nextcloud server without any problem.
Could you try this app
It’s owncloud but it uses the same api as nextcloud.

I reinstalled eelo from scratch, I try to configure nextcloud. See you soon.

Fine! With new installation eelo nexcloud app work!

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Concatenation. Enjoy e :joy: