Nextcloud Bookmark Sync via floccus Firefox Addon

Has anybody trouble syncing browser bookmarks with the floccus addon?

It’s recommended on the bookmarks page on, but setting it up it always quit the first sync with:

2022-06-01T19:37:49.992Z Starting sync process for account on
2022-06-01T19:37:50.138Z Syncing failed with E019: HTTP status 503. Failed POST request. Check your server configuration and log.

Tried different browser, with no bookmars or with many. Sync always fails. Nextcloud Bookmark App from F-Droid seems to fail too.

Is this a known thing?


There is already a bugreport.

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I’ve had difficulty with it on Firefox, Brave, and Android. Nifty feature, but it seems to have trouble with eCloud. When it works though, its amazing

This feature was enabled in the past as far as I understand from older posts. But I’m not able to enable the sync on Firefox/Chromium/LibreWolf Browsers in different settings and some or no amound of Bookmarks. It appears to me, that this feature is broken/deactivated serverside although it is clearly offered on the Murena Cloud.

Has anybody successfully enabled bookmark sync in any form since the switch to Murena?

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Having had issues with floccus and ecloud bookmarks I decided to just go with straight webdav sync instead. Using an old webdav account I have. That’s been trouble-free.

With the yesterday’s update on f-droid (v.4.16.0), the “floccus bookmark sync” is back on my /e/ device (Dipper. /e/os 1.0)
It works again!

I can confirm that it floccus bookmark sync is now running pretty reliably for over a month now. There was one or two downtimes because the server was down but it’s pretty good and replaces my Firefox sync account, and it’s even cross browser compatible. nice

It works well here, for more than a year now.
I also installed the Chrome extension in Kiwi Browser, on my phone, and many desktop browsers.