Nextcloud download. An error occurred while waiting for the server. Could

I receive this message quite often. It is not a problem of connection and it is not a problem of the ecloud, because I can login to my ecloud account with the browser and download the file that I need.

When I tap on the notification to get a more detailed error message, or at least to read the complete sentence after “Could …” the notification disappear.

I really hope that the developers of the “Files” app start to consider the use case of the people who wants to use the ecloud as storage option without the sync enabled, because the nextcloud android app is really messy, while the Files app works.

Please let me know if I should open a bug on the Nextcloud app github repository

If the issue is on Next cloud it would be good to raise an issue there. It will also get us their developer viewpoint on the issue

Thanks @Manoj, is this the repository where I should report the issue?

I am sorry …have no clue about the project structure on Next Cloud