Nextcloud gallery displays the same photo twice

Dear community.

On my FP4, all my videos and photos are correctly uploaded through instantupload directory. However, the nextcloud gallery displays the same photo (or video) twice. I did not found how to avoid this “background” copy.

Any idea ?


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You probably need to go to the Nextcloud settings and look for the Automatic synchronization settings. There you can finely select which files are synchronized into which folder. You might find out why you have double pictures.

Thank you for your help MaMaTT8.

On the phone, the Nextcoud setting are well configured : the pictures from the directories (DCIM, screenshots, whatsapp, etc.) are sent to instantupload directories (DCIM, screenshots, whatsapp, etc.).

On the PC browser, instantupload directories are correctly up-to-date. However, there is a folder called Photos that contains an automatic copy of instantupload pictures. Therefore, when I open Photos app on the PC (a Nextcloud app), the picture is displayed twice : 1st time from instantupload directories and 2nd time from Photos directory.

The question is : how to disable the automatic copy from instantupload to Photos directory on Nextcloud area ?

Best regards.