Nextcloud hub 4: big upgrade for notes-tacking!

Nextcloud just annouced today that it will have a new notes-tacking app soon. As usual for Nextcloud, it is future-proof and open source. They have something called ‘smartpicker’ to link and embed files, links or other things. It looks really neat! and makes it more similar to more advanced note-tacking apps, like Obsidian (that is not for everyone in my opinion, btw). Something I haven’t understood from the presentation is that they mention both Notes and a new app called ‘Text’ that appears to fullfill the same functions, so maybe it’s the same :thinking:
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the notes web client got a rich text editor, same UI as other text fields, I think that’s the news?

It also got elevated in status as recommended plugin and the repos for mobile clients github org moved.

Quote from blog post:

We introduce recording and breakout rooms in Talk, file attachments in Calendar, advanced versioning in Files, the new Tables app, we bring the Notes app into Nextcloud, make Deck more collaborative

In general nextcloud moves nicely along a collaboration axis, the Tables plugin looks to me the most fun new addition.

Thanks for the link. They bring the Notes app into Nextcloud? :thinking: but isn’t the Notes app already in Nextcloud? at least in ecloud it’s aready there, and I’m using it daily. The article doesn’t say a word about the ‘Text’ app that I heard about in today’s presentation… maybe I misheard.

But it’s so much fun creating tables in Notes using Markdown :wink:

Are you sure Nextcloud Tables has something to do with tables?

Tables is their marketing name, but it’s a bit of a shared database mini app, Notion / Sharepoint alike - Tables - Apps - App Store - Nextcloud

(Edit: misread - it will be fun once the API takes row level writes, then it is a very simple backend playground)

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That’s wonderful news! Thank you @cedricoola for the shout out!