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I have a simple but quite naive question. I saw that the is now a Nextcloud Passwords manager included in Murena (e)cloud. I currently have an 1Password account, which works perfectly but is quite expensive.
Should I consider switching to Murena password manager or is it far from being as secure (in term of redundancy, backups and password protections)? And if it is totally OK to switch, how well is it integrated into the /e/OS android environment?
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Quite embarassing. The above screenshot is taken after trying to access the password app on with a phone with e/OS/ v1.3.

Time for a change / update of the embedded browser ?

Bromite update strategy is a topic in various places in the forum, see latest reply from Manoj for reference:



Tried this Nextcloud app on my self-hosted, found it quite usable with the help of the NC Passwords Mobile App.
I got auto-fill and biometric working :slight_smile:

About security, please read here:
With E2E encryption, I would consider it at least as safe as other solutions, as only you can decrypt your passwords.
Of course administrators may modify the server code to get your passwords, but this also applies to other services, paid or not…
I’d rather trust Murena administrators (some are well-know here :wink: ) than unknown strangers.

As far as I know Murena Cloud architecture is redundant, so it’s unlikely to get service downtime (apart of scheduled maintenance, of course).

Why not just give it a try? It’s free, and you can go back to your previous solution, anytime!

About HTTP browser access: to prevent data leak, it’s a good practice to access your vault with a dedicated browser, preferably in “In Private” mode. Some examples here:


Yes, I know what’s going on the Bromite 'affair".

My intent was half ironic half serious.

BTW the links from @smu44 (thanks!) give the very same results from e phones: browser outdated.

Which adds a sense of grotesque to the situation, if you see what I mean.


Thanks mate!
I’ll give it a try!