Nextcloud Talk with push notifications


I have a Fairphone 3 with preinstalled /e/. I need to install Nextcloud Talk with Push Notification Support. So I tried to install Nextcloud Talk with Aurora. But the installation process does not finish and hangs.
When closing the nextcloud talk installation process and starting nextcloud talk, the app runs but notifications are not working, the app is not registered in microG GoogleCloudMessaging. I’ve tried with and without google account but no difference.

Did anybody get nextcloud talk working with notifications in /e/?

(I also have a Fairphone 2 with LineageOS and microG, where nextcloud talk works with notifications. So there maybe is just a setting in /e/ that prevents the notifications to work …)

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Hey, welcome in the community :slight_smile:

Do you have other apps registered correctly in MicroG > Google Cloud Messaging ?

It’s to know if it’s all apps or just Nextcloud Talk.


thanks for your fast reply.

I’ve installed the “Push Notification Tester” App which also did not work the first time when installing with Aurora. After deinstalling and register an google account and reinstalling “Push Notification Tester”, this app does work now. But no change at the two apps “nextcloud” and “nextcloud talk”. They both do not register in microG. Nextcloud Talk does not even finish the installation.

It should be easy to reproduce. I’ve set the /e/ phone back to factory setting, installed aurora-shop, in aurora shop I installed “nextcloud” and “nextcloud talk” …

As far as I know, /e/ has a nextcloud sync process in the background. Maybe that sync process does interfere somehow with the nextcloud apps …


did you manage to get Nexcloud Talk Push Notifications working? I can install it, but I don’t get any notifications.

Thanks !


I have opened an issue in the Talk Android repository: