Nextpush support from murena nextcloud

Is nextpush supported by the nextcloud already?

the missing bridge is still a Nextcloud push mechanism itself. Despite its name, nextpush isn’t it yet - Add UnifiedPush to /e/OS to make it possible for developers to avoid FCM and better support F-Droid applications - #21 by tcecyk

While Nextcloud has an app to be provider, Nextcloud itself doesn’t yet support pushing to a UP provider. Seems to me it’s more likely to arrive with supporting WebPush

more Nextcloud + push discussion is at

I was looking just for nextpush support, not the generic thing asked for on that github issue. I’m particularly interested on Jami, which already includes client unified-push notifications support, and requires a provider such as nextpush. See Introducing UnifiedPush support in Jami and server requirements on NextPush - Android:

  • The server needs to have a Redis instance connected to it
  • The server’s reverse-proxy should be configurable (to handle timeouts)
  • The server needs to have the NextPush server app installed. Follow the instructions in the link to learn how to set it up.

If murena (/e/) nextcloud already has the nextpush server app, and also fulfills the other 2 requirements, then I’m all set to enable unified-push notifications for Jami. This wouldn’t enabled push notifications universally for every app I use, but it’d be a good start (Jami tends to drain more battery than other apps, or so they say, hehe).

But as you pointed out, from the other forum topic:

Nextcloud itself doesn’t yet support pushing to a UP provider

However, Jami had support for web-push in the past, and they moved to unified-push. Perhaps the hope to use next-push for Jami won’t ever fulfilled, if it’s going to be a web-push any ways?

intuition tells me murena will consider offering a provider when the bundle online nextcloud + core apps that need sync show early signs of support for a push mechanism. The more apps you pool to handover wakeup to a distributor the more you benefit. Not wanting to discourage you, but I’m sceptic about the benefit for one App, but sure it’s chicken/egg until more Apps have support.

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