Nexus 4 mako and newer android version release

I was wondering if it’d be possible to push Mako to higher android version of murena /e/ and make lg google nexus 4 running newest OS.

Right now there is a Minimal Nougat beta build which is a very old android 7 version.

On xda there are few builds based on los that is maintained by varon00 dev, like los, divestOS etc.

I know that there was a problem with limited disc space on this device that was workedaround by reparationing device with flashable repartition script by clamor.

As an example there is Nexus 7 that got official los 18.1 (android 11) release. With installation instructions on their official website.

So why not use varon00’s los and use it as a base for new murena /e/ release, adding documentation with how to reparation phone with automated script?

Hope you can take into account this suggestion, thanks for reading.

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Hi @ryer76 welcome to the /e/ forum.

Thanks for drawing attention to this possibility; it will probably need a user with the phone to in order to work towards a Community build, perhaps we can support you in that journey?

(Personal view, it is possible that an Official /e/ might follow, but support for older devices where “adaptions” are required has not been adopted by /e/ lately.)

Here are the links you referenced.

Well unfortunately I’m not a developer, only end user but I could help testing possible new /e/ release based on that los. For now I’m using varon00’s rom, he even released another build compiled with gms. But I’d love to use rom with /e/ approach without being dependent on google stuff, that’s why I started this post.

Also besides ‘howto’ on varon00’s xda post there is a official howto for nexus 7 (like I wrote before) with detailed instructions on how to do repartition and it’s officially endorsed by lineageos, you could add that link too. I wonder why varon00 didn’t push his rom build to become official release.

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(I used a similar repartition script on a nexus7 recently) - you can note down the xda thread at Google - Nexus 4 - mako - Documentation Suggestions if you want to

You could either ask varon00 to make you an unofficial eOS build or post the request here in the forum, though mostly there is a higher chance if the person having a build environ setup owns the device too. There’s no good process for this yet, as even if it is built, hosting the unofficial images long-term is also of concern. helps most of the time

I’m new to /e/ forum, what is the procedure for making this request? Where do I post? Post like this one is not being read by /e/ developers?

If you use the build with gms, then you are just about as independent of Google services as /e/OS, You can install F-Droid to install & maintain FOSS apps. Then install Aurora Store (from F-Droid) to get non-FOSS apps from the Play Store, and they should work as well as they do under /e/OS.

If you also install K-9 Mail, ETAR, QKSMS, NextCloud Notes, NextCloud Sync client, Open Tasks and Bromite. You will have the same apps as /e/OS, but more up-to-date and less buggy then /e/'s built-in forks.

And it seems you can have all of that now, without waiting for an unofficial /e build that may never happen :slight_smile:

thanks all for your replies, I’ll stick to varon00’s rom but maybe, just maybe, one day /e/ appear in the wild, then i’ll bite :wink:

My DivestOS is the best option for mako in this case, given that voron00 build’s don’t include microG and still leave all the default Google connections inherited from LineageOS/AOSP.

And DivestOS comes with F-Droid, Etar, Open Camera, and an actually up-to-date WebView.
(/e/OS is currently at 219 known security issues for its browser/WebView component)

voron00’s mako builds already do however include most of my kernel security patches:

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That’s why is looked here for /e/ because it could be a good solution for someone who needs to use some apps like banking or others that require gms. I mentioned your rom above as a good alternative but I’d like to have those few apps working.

Now that I did some more reading I found that varon00’s los is using SELinux set to permissive, which is another problem. Looks like divestOS is based on his rom and is set to enforcing.

Now I use old samsung phone that came with all proprietary stuff and I left it intact so I could use few banking apps. But one bank about year ago dropped support for all phones with system lower than android 7, and probably soon they’ll increase requirements to android 8 (oreo), and no custom rom is available for this phone, that’s why I thought about using mako again. But I guess I need to buy something newer that is/e/ compatible, because having phone that has Android 7 is not good at all.



Please stop misspelling their name, it is voron00.

voron00’s los is using SELinux set to permissive

voron00’s mako builds are not permissive.

but I’d like to have those few apps working

Have you actually tried them without Play? Many apps do work fine without Play or microG.

I didn’t realize that, I was using word suggestion

Wasn’t it before? at least that’s what I thought

It crashes