Nexus 4 - small icons

Hello, I’m new to /e/ OS and have installed it onto my old Nexus 4. It seems pretty promising, but I have a question that I have not been able to find an answer to. All of the icons on the desktop are very small, much smaller than any review videos that I have seen. How can I increase the size of the icons? I have been through all of the settings and cannot find anything. I also have not found anything about changing the wallpaper either. Thanks in advance!

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Hi @turboron,
This is how a default screen on /e/ should look like

do the icons on your phone look similar or is there a distortion in them?
For the wallpaper you can check under Settings >> Display >> Wallpaper >> Wallpapers
As you may be aware you can also download images matching your display resolution from the net or your PC to the gallery and select them as your wallpaper.

hello, correct me if I’m wrong but maybe you can adjust the screen size in Settings > Display > Advanced Settings > you will find display size settings. Once clicked you can adjust with “-” and “+” at the bottom. You can try and see what’s convenient for you and go back to change it again if needed.

Thanks @Manoj I should have known that the wallpaper section was under Settings >> Display. I’m just so used to long pressing a free area on the home screen to do that.

As for the icons, no, they are much smaller than that. I had already tried changing the display size as @vlag24 suggested but that did not help. Here is a screenshot:

Pl can you check and share the build number on your phone. Wanted to check if it is the latest official version.

Here is the info:

@Manoj - thank you for the quick reply. As well, the System Version is 0.7-2019082121020

Was just checking gitlab it seems this is an issue with a few devices. Issue has been open for a long time. Will check with the developer if there is some additional information he needs to resolve this. Will update.

Thank you, and again, thank you for the prompt replies!

I have the same problem with my Nexus 4. Is there any prospect of an early settlement? If not, is it possible to overwrite the existing icons in the system with larger ones?