Nexus 5x shows encrypted in /e/ OS but same pattern in TWRP recovery doesn't decrypt data

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phone is encrypted with a pattern but when I go in recovery with TWRP the pattern doesn’t work so I can’t have access to my data (can’t root or install any app like Magisk or SuperSU.

Any idea or suggestion for further investigation?

More details of tests
TWRP logs when failing decryption at boot:
Updating partition details…
Unable to mount storage
Failed to decrypt data.

TWRP / Advanced / File Manager / sdcard is empty (because is encrypted)
TWRP / Mount shows Partitions to Mount:
[ ] System
[ ] Vendor
[ ] Cache

TWRP / Mount / Decrypt data fails as it fails at TWRP boot

build 0.9-o-2020051454222-dev-bullhead

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Hi, even if TWRP can’t decrypt the data partition, you can sideload Magisk or a system update.


Decryption is not a guaranteed feature in TWRP, mileage on different devices will differ …
Missing decryption support doesn’t hamper TWRP functions for the rest of the partitions.

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Hi my phone is Oneplus 5T /e/OS e-0.9-p-20200603-UNOFFICIAL-dumpling, official TWRP couldn’t work with decryption on my pie ROM.
I have just installed Blu Spark TWRP and decryption is working I haven’t tried OTA updates yet, I found the info on this page
blu_spark is available on the Github device oneplus cheeseburger/releases/download/v9.101/twrp-3.3.1-x blu spark v9.101 treble-op5 op5t.img