NFC "extended length" activation for ID read

I was lately trying to access the german ID application via the NFC function of my Galaxy S9. When holding the ID on the back of the phone, everything was working except it saying "extended length is not activated. I read, theres an array that is handed over by the system to the app that says how much data it can recieve slt. via NFC. Usually this should work on herolte but apparently its a system issue that doesn’t seem to hard to fix.

got my information from this page, sorry its german

Got hit by the same issue (also with LOS before switching to e/OS). From what I have found in the past the issue is caused by the NFC chip integrated in particular S9 - as long as nobody confirms that it is working with Samsung’s default firmware on same devices I would consider that as a non-resolvable issue…

See supported devices page

→ Samsung → S9

Hinweis: Einige Varianten dieses Smartphones weisen NFC-Konnektivitätsprobleme auf. Tipp: Schließen Sie bei Verwendung der AusweisApp2 Ihr Netzteil an.

Model: SM-G960F, SM-G960U, SM-G960U1, SM-G960W

Android: 10.0, 8.0, 9.0

Interesting would be which S9 are working and which ones not.

I have 2 “not-working” ones here:

SM-960F / 256 GB / IMEI 35589…
SM-960F / 64 GB / IMEI 35332…

→ have still to keep my old S5 as NFC reader for “AusweisApp2”

Im Quite sure this is a Software issue, i mean its the top model from Samsung and i read s6, s7, s8 do work. I read the string that confirms the function with the AusweisApp2 is automatically activated in android 10+… Maybe with the q upgrade which I don’t have yet it will work or we find someone with default Os q+ that can confirm :wink:

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SM-G960F IMEI 35717… 64 GB purchased from /e/ directly does not work

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Found today in changelog of release v0.21-q:

On S9/S9+: NFC extended range is now available

“AusweisApp2” no longer claim about “extended range not available” but it’s still not proper working, after providing ID card and the PIN it ends with “Workflow_Card_Removed” → have to check phone log now

Issue is potentially related to the short timeouts on Samsung phones

found on FAQ from AusweisApp2

c) Some mobile devices deactivate the NFC interface after prolonged contact with the card for power-saving reasons, as known to Samsung, for example. Unfortunately, the AusweisApp2 can not influence this behavior.

Potentially someone has to tweak the e/OS code for proper support.

I can provide “adb logcat”, but haven’t found proper entry point for bug reporting to e/OS → can anyone point me to the entry point where to file the issue and to whom I can send the logs (if developer is not able to reproduce with it’s own German ID card).

Also I can’t contribute because none of my email addresses are accepted creating a gitlab user

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Also I can’t reply here anymore…not really helpful…neither to discuss nor to support :frowning:

This link shows the way to Report an issue

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For me the same Behavior. I’m on v0.23-q using an FP3 with Camera-Upgrade (so FP3+).
Obviously Connection to Identity-Card is lost during Pin-Input-Dialog.
Another FP3+ Device with Stock has no Problems with the same Card.

Issue seems not be related to Samsung Phones only!