NFC not working on Fairphone 4

after flashing /e/ on my Fairphone 4 I’m unable to use NFC. when I go to Settings > Connected devices > Connection preferences, I do see the NFC entry, but when I tap it, the menu’s completely empty. sometimes after a reboot a toggle shows up in there, but it’s set to disabled and greyed out so there’s no way to toggle it on. I’ve been able to use NFC on the stock Fairphone OS for the past month without issues.

I have the Murena Fairphone with /e/ preinstalled and my NFC menu is completely empty as well.

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well, good to know I’m not the only one, I guess!

Pl raise an issue on Gitlab with logs generated after you attempt to access NFC in settings.
I checked with the developers and they mentioned NFC should work on the FP4


done and done

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Same here NFC is no option.

Hi just got my new FP4 form the e shop with e preinstalled. The nfc icon under setting cant be activated. Thers also a new issue on gitlab.

Thanks for any help

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The developer was unable to reporduce this issue. Will need more detailed logs incase you are still facing this issue.
If possible we will like to have one of the users facing issues volunteer to help us test the fix using test builds


I have the same issue on Murena FP4.
I’ll try to send you my logs during next days.

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Pl add the logs to the issue on Gitlab

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Hi I have FP4 with e preinstalled - the NFC toggle is move across and showing green and the app i am using is also showing NFC as on and is green but it will not read and NFC tag which can be read by iPhone and Pixel 6