NFC Payment Yay /e/ Nay?

Have you tested payment via NFC with /e/?
Is it reliable?
Which apps do you use?

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Hi @Sebu
On my Oneplus 6T with /e/ OS I use the NFC payment app provided by my bank (german “Sparkasse Mobiles Bezahlen” [Sparkasse mobile payment]). It works flawlessly.
I also tried Google Pay which doesn’t work since it relies heavily on the Google services and doesn’t work with microG as used in /e/.
So the only way of using NFC payment on de-googled phones is that your bank/payment provider supports an own app which works with microG. If your bank/payment provider depends on Google Pay I see no way of using NFC payment with /e/ OS.
Maybe anyone else knows a “generic” NFC payment app that can deal with different banks/accounts/credit cards etc.

Just my 2 cent.


Thank you very much for sharing your experience @Ulf :+1:

yep, came to the same conclusion - FP4 NFC Pay Setup - #3 by tcecyk

(european) mobile payment market is quite fragmented, so it’s hard to build up an independent contender

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Yes, but due to the European payment directive (PSD2) every bank and payment provider has to offer an API so that third party apps can connect.
But there still aren’t any independed NFC payment apps.

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