NHS app requires update - doesn't work

The NHS app in the UK used to work well (installed from Apps) but is now asking to be updated “Click here to update”, which does not work.

Is there any help on this?

Interestingly my NHS Covid-19 app updated twice quite recently.

One way to troubleshoot this is to go to

Settings > Apps and notifications > Show all apps > scroll down to, NHS Covid-19 > Advanced

Near the bottom it usually features STORE, here you may find from where it was installed. This information might help.

My my case STORE is not present, I believe because I probably installed it direct from another NHS product (although I am not sure of this detail). As I say mine is fine. (Aside: but it had an unrelated problem when MicroG EN was disabled; that gave a clear message on where that error was.)

If a STORE is mentioned, first stop would be to open that store (for example the default Apps) and see if the update is being offered; perhaps it is set to do not update automatically.

It’s the NHS app, not the NHS covid tracing app. In Apps it does not have an update.

It could be that some (google) framework is updated?

Sorry not to read your OP carefully enough! :blush:

Did you check out STORE; is there an entry there or no entry there?

If no update shows in Apps, makes me think Apps did not feature under store? and that you did not obtain the app from Apps store.

I will just include this link in case it helps you remember where you obtained the original app NHS App - NHS

You probably know that apart from the fiddle of all the logging in securely again you could always uninstall the app and start again, but it makes some sense to always try to update from the original store.

It could be that some (google) framework is updated?

Very loosely speaking, the app on your device, knows it is no longer an exact match with its source (we don’t know why).

It does have an entry in STORE which correctly says that it was installed by Apps. Apps says it has version 1.57.0 (98), updated 2021-09-08, which is old. On Play Store the latest version is 2.1.0 (1 Dec 2021).

So it seems Apps does not have the latest version. Also Aurora does not seem to have the NHS app at all.

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So it seems Apps does not have the latest version

Agreed. NHS App - NHS Digital. Not that I recommend this path, but, https://apkpure.com/nhs-app/com.nhs.online.nhsonline/versions

Good luck in deciding what next!

Report an issue

Thanks for these useful links. Will try if there’s no other way.

I think Apps is one of the best features of /e/ so hopefully it will be updated there.

I have just installed version 2.1.0 (307) from Aurora Store, and it is working fine. I suggest uninstalling the Apps version and install from Aurora Store instead. Aurora Store gets the official version from the Play Store. Nobody knows where cleanapk.org (who provide apk’s to e/'s Apps) get their apks.

When I looked in Aurora I couldn’t find the NHS app. Do you have to set anything to see it listed?
Edit: see https://www.reddit.com/r/degoogle/comments/rh4f82/comment/houvorf/?utm_source=reddit&utm_medium=web2x&context=3
NHS app now listed.

Yes. See details in this post

Thanks so much @petefoth. Previously I could reproduce @Pinback’s issue that NHA app is not seen in Aurora store. Now it is. I am going to provide the direct instructions here (thank you for showing the full post to reassure about security).

Just open up Aurora, click the three lines in the top left, then click Settings. From there, click Networking, then tick on “Insecure anonymous session.”
Now go back out of settings, then click “Accounts.”
From there, click Log out, then click Anonymous.
Once it created the account, close Aurora and re-open it.
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I’ve now updated the old version of the NHS app originally installed from Apps, without uninstalling it first, by using Aurora. It’s working again!

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