Nice move: Quad9 goes Switzerland

Quad9 headquarter is now based in Switzerland, good news for privacy.

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Sounds good, reads good too.
»Quad9 operates in more than 150 locations in ninety countries«
But isn’t the server location also a decisive criterion for security?

English is not my native language, so i may not be able to write 100% as i think, please keep this in mind. Thank you.

Unfortunally i’m not a lawer nor do i have the background knowledge to answer this question in terms of law.

I would say yes, under circumstances. I guess it makes a difference where a server is physically located, because this could make it easier or harder for third parties to physically access the data.

I think the physical server location doesn’t matter in the digital realm if the server itself or the connection to the server is accessible and vulnerable, but it is important that your data falls into a legislation which makes it harder for third parties to spread, sell, use…your personal data without your consent.

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