Nice Note app with (selfhosted) Nextcloud sync

I’m using this app since some month and I like the sync via my own Nextcloud server. You can use it for notes, incl. pictures, or for shopping list / Howto and a lot more.
It available for most OS like Android, Linux, Mac … and as Nextcloud app


I’ll have a look into it, when I finish setting up my /e/-account. For the moment I use markor, and just love it.

I liked it. Very much alike Google Keep.

The problem for me is that I already use Notes on my Nextcloud setup and have hundreds of notes but I couldn’t find a way to export/import between the two apps.

You can use ecloud for sync with other devices. But on ecloud you don’t allowed to install apps. So you cam’t use ecloud for add or edit notrs.

I got ahead of you :woozy_face::

But I’m actually a little disappointed in Carnet. No doubt it has the best GUI, but technically it’s still far behind Joplin.

Oh, haven’t seen that. Should better search next time :roll_eyes: :sleepy: