No ability to fork easy-installer / make MRs?

I did read a prior thread on this issue, where @Manoj mentioned it would be possible in the future to accommodate users that wanted to fork the gitlab project and then submit MRs against it. I am interested in doing this but get this same message mentioned before when attempting to fork:

Limit reached You cannot create projects in your personal namespace. Contact your GitLab administrator.

So I guess the ability for individuals to contribute isn’t in place yet. I would start with some very minor URL fixes to coral and bramble but then look to add some additional devices, starting with bonito as I have an extra one I can use for test installs, etc.

Maybe I just need to clone to my separate “non /e/” account but then I am a bit confused on setting the correct upstream, etc. since it doesn’t follow any mainstream gitlab documentation that assumes permission for the user to create forks.

Advice or suggestions?

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I’d suggest to clone to personal Github/Gitlab, then share the modufied branch through an /e/ Gitlab issue.

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OK I will follow that way, but this really limits /e/'s ability to attract contributors, is there a technical limitation to being able to allow users to contribute directly?

Maybe @Manoj could bring some light here? :pray:

Have forwarded the feedback to the developers. Will get back with their response.

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We will be coming out with a web based easy installer. Development for the tool is ongoing. It would be different from the current Easy Installer tool. Will share more details on the Web based Easy Installer soon.