No acces on ecloud and all my emails disappeared!

Hi Everyone,

Since this morning I cannot connect to my inbox either by thunderbird or by

At the beginning, I had on, Nextcloud is in maintenance mode and on thunderbird, it was written the connexion is refused.

And now, I cannot go on anymore. The website is not found anymore. Concerning thunderbird, I received one email, it worked just few seconds and then impossible to connect. Moreover, all my folders and emails disappeared knowing I transfered all my emails from gmail :cry:

I don’t know whant I can do

Thanks for your help

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They are busy with migration. Another 2 hours ±

Oh really, that’s a relief.

But where have you seen this. I am looking for the news.

Under announcements. I also got a fright. Lol

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Hi, welcome in the forum :slight_smile:

The information has been given in the Telegram Announcement channel, in the Announcement category of the forum and by mail if you are registered to the newsletter.

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