No App Downloads with VPN?


I can’t do app updates or connect to the appstore at all when connected to a VPN. For an operating system that advertises privacy this is weird. Does anyone have a tip on what this could be? I use Mullvad and the exit node doesn’t matter. When I am connected to any VPN server everything works fine. But when I click on Apps I only get the message: Can’t connect. Please check your internet connection and try again. Thanks for help.

Translated with (free version)

/e/ own App store you mean?

Yes I use the /e/ own App store.

is the vpn, you’re using, using filter?
because the /e/ own app store is connectin
the whole world is knowing nothing about this group of, i hope so, humans behind this project. very suspect…
so, it could be that your vpn is blocking this source, because of security, etc…

just an idea…


Maybe your VPN is blocking one of these URL or Mullvad IP addresses has been blacklisted.
Does it have an integrated log viewer ?
What VPN app do you use ?

at the end, it’s only returns Cannot GET /v2/ but without the /v2/ i get “Welcome to the API” - so it don’t seem to be a blacklist / block problem.

I use the mullvad VPN app from the /e/ app store.

ok, i’m out now…no plan.

It also may fail the connectivity test

You may want to try other VPN apps, as suggested by Mullvad.

Yes i use maleware/ad DNS filters on the phone. Otherwise would be a pain to use it :smiley: Does not inspire much confidence if cleanapk is blocked because of this. How secure do you think the appstore is?

nobody knows them. so you have to decide for your own, if you want trust them or not.

If they are so big to be used by a custom rom as an appstore, has no one bothered to analyze the APK files or to see if suspicious traffic exists? Haven’t found anything about this but I think it’s unlikely that this hasn’t piqued anyone’s curiosity who has some skill.

/e/ will know who they are doing business with.
this has nothing to do with transparency, which is what /e/ actually advertises.
That’s also what bothers me the most about /e/. the lack of transparency in the app store and the relationship with

Then I will use f-droid except for apps that you can’t get there and that are not security relevant. I only ended up with /e/ because I couldn’t find a decent rom for my old s9+ and will probably get a Pixel 4 soon. All a bit strange. However, a lively and active community! Thanks for your answers.

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