No auto-update of apps from app-store

the app-store shows that there are some updates to apps I’m using available. Why aren’t they installed automatically as activated in the settings? A manual install is working…

Because you should check the chnangelog before installing something new.

I would never allow a auto update. You kniw the old murphy’s law ‘never change a running system’?

That is not the idea of an activated auto-update. (changelog is anyway not shown)

That’s right. When activated it should work. So if it isn’t, pls raise a issue on github

This thread is over a year ago, but this is my situation exaclty on my fresh install from last week latest q on Fairphone 3:

Message tells me there are updates and that they will be installed automatically. But that never happens (waited for days). But if i open Apps and go to updates i can start update manually and it succeed.

Did this got solved, did it get reported?

I also have Aurora and F-Droid installed, in case that matters.