No Bluetooth connection to JBL peripheral devices

Dear all,
about 6 weeks ago I purchased a Murena Nord with /e/ OS preinstalled. So I’m rather new to the field.
I found that neither my JBL TUNE750BT headset nor my JBL REFLECTMINI earphone nor my JBL Tuner connect to the device. They do not even show up in the list of devices available. On my previous SAMSUNG Galaxy S5 with Andoid 6 they showed up in the BT device list as “JBL TUNE750BTNC”, “JBL REFLECT MINI NC” and “JBL Tuner”, respectively, and would connect easily. I don’t know much about Bluetooth. Are JBL using a special BT protocol, maybe, or is some app missing to connect to those? I tried with the “JBL Headphones” app that is available in the store, but this requires that the headphones are connected before it does anything.
Interestingly, other BT devices such as a very cheap digital radio named “DR 293” and a rather expensive soundbar named “YAS-207 Yamaha” connect to my Murena Nord without any problem. So if everything else fails, it would already help if I could get a “whitelist” of BT devices that are known to connect to the Murena Nord under /e/ OS and a “blacklist” of devices that don’t.
Thanks in advance for answers and best regards,

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Solved: Since /e/ OS build 20220122.022406 the "JBL TUNE750BTNC” and “JBL REFLECT MINI NC” connect to the Murena Nord, but not the “JBL Tuner”. Since /e/ OS build 20220228.091033 the “JBL Tuner” connects as well.