No boot possible after easy installer


I used the the easy installer to reinstall eos on a fairphone 3. (The reason for the reinstall was that one application warned that the device was rooted or tampered with and wouldnt work because of this).

The boot menu has 4 options: “Restart bootloader”, “Recovery mode”, “Start” and “Power off”. Non of them would start the booting process.

According to boot menu the device is in FASTBOOT MODE, SECURE BOOT is disabled and DEVICE STATE is locked.

Can anyone help out here?

before this procedure you bought the fp3 preinstalled with /e/os?

you could try a factory-reset in the recovery (your userdata will be gone, but I think you’ll expect this). If the phone is in a locked state, you can’t flash the partitions. So I wonder what easy-installer could’ve done for you yet.

The app warning you, I’ll get to that when you’re able to boot again


Thanks for the reply!

I managed to get a working e/os with:

  1. “fastboot flashing unlock”
  2. flashing with fairphone android 10 according to the documentation on the fairphone website
  3. flashing according to Install /e/ on a Fairphone FP3/3+ - “FP3”

I dont know yet, if that initial problem (warning about the devise beeing rooted or tampered with) is still there.

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good on you! Apps can readout build settings of a device and can warn on an entry they deem non-default. Custom roms have some of them that Apps see as suspicious, the legitimacy of the warning can be debated. If you happen to reproduce it and post a log/screenshot I’ll look into it

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The app still doesnt work. The app warns: your device has been rooted or tampered with. Try a different device.
I dont know what exactly the problem is.