No "continue" button on first screen

I’m using the /e/ os easy installer on a Pixel 4, build no SQ1A.220205.002

The phone has no SIM card and no Google acc’t set up on it. (Probably not an issue either way, but I thought I’d include the info.)

I have tried it on three different machines, two running Gallium (older Chromebooks) and one running Zorin (and older Compaq). I am connecting the phone using a USB cable with type A on the computer end and type C in the phone.

I installed the Easy Installer with SNAP.

I launch the easy installer app on either of the three machines with the phone connected and there is no CONTINUE option. It would seem that it’s not detecting the phone.

I purchased this phone specifically to install /e/ os. If it’s not going to work, my window for returning the phone is narrowing. Any ideas or steps I could take to remedy the issue?

Could you provide a screenshot of the installer window at the stage where it doesn’t proceed?
And also the log (as described in Howto troubleshoot issues with the easy-installer)?

Thank you for the follow up.

I had already looked for the log in ~/snap/easy-installer/

There is no /common/ under that folder and I can’t find one. It appears that no log was generated.

Attached you will find a photo of the window. My apologies for the quality. This phone is on its last leg. At any rate, it’s the page that comes up when the app is initially executed, which, I’d assume, is why there’s no log.

Try using another cable

For a better image you maybe could use the screenshot feature of your computer, but I think the picture you took is sufficient to identify the problem.

The screen should look like this

My guess is, your screen is just too small to display the buttons near the bottom and the installer isn’t optimized for small screens.

Not sure if you can do anything about it unless you find a computer with a higher screen resolution.

I had the same issue on my linux box. Try to change the resolution of the screen

You’re a genius. That was it. All of my notebook were at max resolution, though, so I had to HDMI to a 36" display and adjust to highest resolution. It’d be good if the developers could allow for scrolling.

Now, it’s looking for the device. Fingers crossed.

(That crappy image was because the machine I was using for the install wasn’t configured to be able to share media and it was late, wasn’t up to messing with it.)

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Yep, that was it. Had to go to an external display.