No F2FS support?


I am a rather advanced user, testing /e/ with a Sony Xperia XA2 phone. It looks like there is no support of F2FS in /e/'s kernel, is there?

/e/ appears to be using ext4 for its main file systems, and it also fails to automount an F2FS-formatted SD card. Trying to manually mount it from the command line also fails, and the content of /proc/filesystems does suggest that it does not include the f2fs driver.

Is there a reason to not include the f2fs Linux driver? If it was not never considered, it would be a good idea to include it, and maybe to use F2FS for the main file systems, because it is more suitable to flash-based devices, and it actually beats ext4 in benchmarks.

is it available in Lineage? Lineage4microG?

Why? eOS is a fork of theirs and I would be interested to know if it is not in there either or has been deliberately taken out. And if so, why?

That’s the question. And the answer can not be 42. :wink:

no CONFIG_F2FS_FS=y in the kernel defconfig for the pioneer → android_kernel_sony_sdm660/pioneer_defconfig at lineage-18.1 · LineageOS/android_kernel_sony_sdm660 · GitHub

you can flip the option in your own build, then you can mount your f2fs sdcard

No F2FS in LineageOS for microG indeed. It looks like the kernel configuration is taken from what is used in the stock ROM.

OK, then you have to contact LoS oder AOSP