No go for Tmobile

Amazing ROM, probably the best Lineage build I’ve seen. Unfortunately it doesn’t work for T-mobile. Looks like the radio doesn’t support 4G on this ROM, was only able to get H+ and even then it dies after a reboot. Seems to be missing the critical “LTE/WCDMA/GSM auto (PRL)” entry, can verify by bringing up the ##4636## phone test options.

I was on Nougat firmware, assumed that was needed given this is a Nougat OS release. If it requires the Oreo firmware, would be nice to know since the instructions are fairly vague.

totally wrong, I have used t-mobile for around one year on 2 eOSdevices with fill 4G / KTE+

It seems more an issue of your firmware. What Android version do you running now and what version was on the device BEFORE eOS ?

Which t-mobile, europe or usa?

Austria :slight_smile:

Have to agree, it is not a ROM thing. More of a device limitation I’d think. The device itself (or model/variant) must support the bands used by a chosen carrier. The ROM is (mostly?) carrier agnostic.
I am on T-Mobile in the U.S. with /e/ on two devices. No problems with 4G/LTE here.

If device is okay then…
If whatever previous ROM or firmware you had before was working fine then maybe something went weird when switching over to /e/.
Even when playing/testing around I’ll go from perfectly working to messed up networking.

Provide all the info harvey186 asked for to get a better idea of what may have happened.

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Let me clarify… I’m using a HTC 10 unlocked version. Was on Lineage 17.1 (Oreo firmware) but the battery life was abysmal. So I downgraded to Nougat firmware (by flashing the old radio, deleting the persist parition, then RUU with the last known Nougat version “RUU_PERFUME_WL_N70_SENSE80GP_VZW_MR_NA_Gen_Unlock_2.51.617.32.exe”. After that finished, I was running that for a week with this version without any issues. I then flashed the e ROM and thats when I had massive issues getting 4G. No other firmware was flashed between the official HTC 10 RUU and e – I just used TWRP to format the system partitions per instructions and installed e.

Under settings->network settings (or whatever the equivalent in Lineage is), the network mode shows the right one “GSM / WCDMA / LTE auto” or something similar but the problem is the actual radio does not have that setting in the phone test options (when dialing ##4636##"). The only data signal I was able to get was H+ and that was with some combination that included UTMS.

After that happened, I RUU’ed back the Nougat version above and was able to get the data back to full 4G/LTE.

I didn’t have time to tinker or really look into it, but it could be something as simple as missing entries in the build.prop file. See

For the others saying Tmobile works fine, are you also using an HTC 10 or is it a different model/phone? If you are on HTC10, are you using Oreo or Nougat firmware?