No gps icon missing

after update december no gps icon. navigation apps cannot work anymore
how to solve


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Hey there,

since the installation of /e/ on a Samsung Galaxy S7 I cannot find the GPS icon nor can I find anything gps-related in the settings.
Does anybody know hot to fix this or what happened?
Thanks in advance.


Same with me. Android 9 on Fairphone 3. But GPS is working on magic earth and osm+
May be we don t need an icon


OK, I get it now…yes…it works in Magic Earth…I hadn’t tried to navigate before, because I didn’t know how to turn gps on…but I guess you don’t need to…the problem is, that my magic earth location is about 7km off from my actual location. I saw other threads addressing this problem. Maybe I’ll find a solution there.


Magic earth and osm give with me the right posistion. In the netherlands.


You xan install gpstest for the appstore
Shows your position on the map