No imei number - Internet (cell data/wifi) + calls no longer working after flashing e OS

Flashed e OS S 1.17 to my Sony Xperia 1 II (PDX203) using TWRP and ever since the modem has stopped working. Where the “LTE” status with the strength bars are normally displayed in the top corner is now no symbol at all. Tried restating the device, reinserting the sim card, reflashing back to the stock rom and than back to e OS again and the same problem persists.

Are you sure about wifi?

Try setting or check APN for your mobile provider.

The phone is displaying no IMEI number.

Wifi shows available networks but when trying to connect it always fails to acquire an ip address.

“Try setting or check APN for your mobile provider.”

What does this mean?

I can’t help you with missing IMEI…sorry

Wifi Problem could also be causejof router, unplug it, wait 15 seconds and try again then.

In the settings you can search ‘APN’ and you will also find alots of issues in that regard on the forum. Every mobile provider should also have a page for that

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Other forum posts on the subject may have the hashtag apn (<- is a link).

It’s not just with the router as I insinuated which otherwise works perfectly fine with all other devices. The phone will not connect to a wifi hotspot either. It’s all related to lack of an imei number so therefore the phone will not detect a sim card.

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