No internet after updating to 0.19


Yesterday i have updated my phone tot eOS version 0.19.
But after that my mobile internet doesnt work anymore.

Wifi still works and calling is not a problem.
My provider says that everything looks okay.

I have a Gigaset GS290

First thing to look for to get mobile internet are the correct APN settings … every credible provider has the correct settings somewhere on its website, or you can try to find them via internet search.

Once you have a reference for the correct APN settings, you can compare and set them in Settings - Network and internet - Mobile network - Advanced - Access point names.

I have already setup the correct APN settings from my provider.
But my mobile Data on the GS290 still not work after the update to 0.19.
I have only WiFi now.

Who is your provider?
I just searched the internet for “” from your Dutch topic and found this here …

I have Budget Mobiel. Before it was Robin Mobile.

Seems ok then.

Settings - Network and internet - Mobile network - Mobile data is enabled?

Did you already turn off the phone (no reboot, real shutdown), wait a few seconds and turn it on again?

Else … there’s still Settings - System - Advanced - Reset options - Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth

Yes, i have do both for the second time now. But it doesn´t work.

After updating my GS290 from 0.18 tot 0.19 i have no mobile data anymore.
I have only wifi. This is really annoying.

Is there a way to rollback the update?

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How many threads do you want to open?
Your Problem will not be faster solved the more tbreads you are create.

Same problem for me- 0.19 stopped mobile data.

Sorry but where else is there posts about this?

OK I solved the 0.19 problem by updating to 0.20. Now I have mobile data back. Hope this helps somone.

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No- now broken intermittently

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