No internet after wake up - Mullvad VPN

Dear all,
since about 2 or 3 months I often have no internet connection after wake up. I am using Mullvad VPN. I am online (wifi or 4G), Mullvad says I am safely connected, but Firefox cannot find or refresh webpages, and mail does not send, signal does not receive new. The problem is solved, when I disconnect Mullvad, wait a few moments ‘unprotected’ and connect Mullvad again. I have no idea whether Mullvad is the culprit, or something in /e/ internet. I am just reporting it, in case other people have the same problem. I use a Murena GS290 and am on /e/ 1.2.
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This sounds like or at least related to my problem which is unacknowledged since 0.18.


@irrlicht , I agree there is a similarity. I also noticed occasions where I after wake up first thought the internet was working, but then turning to firefox it was not working in FF.

Another thing that strikes me, is that possibly we are all dealing here with pre-installed versions of /e/ ? (Gigasat and FairPhone)?

it is not a big problem. it is just something nasty.

would be nice if this could lead to a solution.

You are making no connection with /e/ version 1.0 being the start point of this behaviour; I am thinking is there the potential for “clashes” between your VPN and Advanced privacy?

@aibd , thanks, interesting point! Especially the function ‘hide my real ip address’ is VPN-like. I have disabled Advanced Privacy tonight. Let’s see what will be happening!

The issue has been assigned to a developer. Pl can you share on the GitLab thread, details the developers require.

Thank you, @Manoj , I will.

For follow-on readers I want to add in this thread that disabling Advanced Privacy did not make any difference.

Can’t say that I have followed this correctly but are you using the Mullvad app?
On my Teracube with /e/OS 1.2-r I’m using Mullvad but with the OpenVPN app. Been in (at home) and out (anywhere else) of WiFI without issue as far as apps not having connectivity.

The other /e/ device with 1.2-q and SurfShark using OpenVPN app also has no issues after waking up. With that device, usually at home, I’ll turn off the router before going to work (hot and humid lately so things get turned off) and turn on when I get home. Seems everything is working fine one way or the other.

Advanced Privacy is not used and neither device are Murena pre-installs.

A nice speciality of the connection problem I reported is that it happens not every day but perhaps once a week or once in two weeks. But when it happens you will notice it and you will see that probably nothing really helps except an entire reboot. I have this on two devices, FP3 and FP3+.

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