No microphone when calling with Murena 2

On my Murena 2, the microphone does not work when calling.
The microphone however seems to work with a testing app. It’s not disabled either. It looks like it’s a software issue. What should I do?

Try different Phone app.

Simple Dialer used to be the recommendation when /e/'s phone app was misbehaving, but that is now closed source / proprietary / paid for.

Fossify Phone from F-Droid is FOSS fork of Simple Dialer, and should be worth a try

Same symptoms. I also tried to call with whatsapp: no microphone either.

Ask to @Manoj for your problem

Suggest you write in to the ID. This appears to be a hardware issue. The team should be able to help you further.

btw, it seemed to me that when I first got the phone, acting on the left-side kill switch would change the two labels “camera access” and “mic access” in the settings (the settings you get when you swipe down from the top). Currently they just don’t and both camera access and mic access stay on “available”. Could you plz confirm that that this is irregular? if so, it could be related.