No more Android R builds for lavender (Redmi Note 7)?

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if there will be updated Android R builds for lavender.

I’m currently running /e/OS r dev v1.0 on it, but I saw that the latest release is v1.2. There are up to date Android Q builds for the same phone, so I was wondering if there was some kind of bug that prevented building R for this phone with the newer releases.

I’m also using a Redmi Note 5 Pro (whyred) and there is a v1.2-r build for it, so I don’t think the reason is the age of the phone.

Thank you in advance for the answers

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Hi @linoxyard welcome to the /e/ forum.

The failed build for lavender is mentioned in the weekly update here Week 34, 2022 : Development and Testing Updates with the comment

“Will update as to when these builds can be released”

You could check the update for news in coming weeks.

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