No more notification LED light

I am asking for my device:
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
/e/OS 1.6-20221129238948
Android 10

For a few days now I miss the notification light. I do not see any, no matter if it should be seen for certain apps our while loading the battery. I have no idea what changed recently. ‘Do not disturb’ is off.

Any hints?
Thank you.

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bonjour @desperado
Are you restart your phone?
generaly it s ok after.

bonjour claudiousse,
yes, I already restarted. Actually I try to figure out if the LED hardware is broken. So I turned the phone off and I am charching the battery. I am not sure if in former times in this situation the phone showed a red/yellow LED and at the end of charging a green LED. But no it does not show any light while charging.

I just was told by Samsung to test by dialing a special MMI code: #0# , but this results in: “Connection problem or invalid MMI code”
So next step is to figure out if e-foundation changed the MMI codes.

Strange enough: LED is working now, but I do not know the reason why…
Possibly it was a reboot into SAFE mode and a reboot into normal mode. I did the reboot into SAFE to test the MMI code there (what did not work either). So possibly a temporary boot into SAFE mode cleans up something struggled.