No more updates for Morotola Z2 Play?


I have been using /e/OS on my Motorola Z2 Play for the last 1.5 years. Overall it has been a pretty good experience, and I really enjoyed the monthly updates. However, the last update that I received was in may (e-0.16-o-20210505112607-dev-albus).

Does this mean that /e/ stopped “supporting” this phone? I understand that this build only had a “beta” status, but I’m trying to understand why this decision was made, and how I could have known this.



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There is a build for 0.19-o in the latest test cycle so maybe it will get released with the other devices. I don’t know why this phone is still on oreo though when as far as I can tell it is upgradeable to stock android 9.

And of course it is sstill in the supported devices list.

I asked a team member to run a build for albus and check …it built successfully. Have asked to check why the build was missing from dev channel. Will have the builds resumed. Also it seems to be supported only up to oreo on Lineage as well.

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Thanks for the reply. It’d be wonderful to receive updates again. I don’t mind Oreo at all, as long as I’m on a recent Android patch level.

The v0.19 for albus has been released, You can check the link here

Just updated my phone, and it seems to work like a charm. Thanks a bunch!

In lineageos is supported the official Android 11R