No network connectivity (x in network indicator), an no network settings options


I have a Teracube2e from Murena (unfortunately 600kms away with my mom :frowning: and since yesterday, it does not register with the network: In the triangle network indicator, it shows a little X, and calls end up on the answering machine. WiFi works well.

We tried SIM on/off, reboot, contract details, verified SIM work in another phone, … no hints, except the fact that several guides mention that in Settings>Network>Mobile>… there should be options like “Preferred Network” or “APN”, which we do not see on the T2e. (I see them on my Fairphone FPOOS, so I know where to look.)

I do not know the exact version/build of the T2e, but I have set up everything to automatic update as far as possible.

How to get at these options?

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If possible could you post a screenshot with the Advanced section expanded. These are from my T2e (not from Murena).

Hi, and thanks for replying!

In the meantime, the phone moved (with my mom) into another (German) state (i.e., into another mobile tower’s range) and somebody else did something (she said, turned Wifi on and off, but I doubt that was all), and - voila! - it works again.

So I guess we’ll never know what went wrong.

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