No Network Rights - No Tracking?

Hi @ all,

we have a question in the German Forum about the usability of the Networkconnections selection for each App. If i disable these Network Rights for a app, a Tracking Service will be disable as well?

Is this correct or wrong? Have Trackers in the Programmcode a alternative way to connect @ home?



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Greetings @anon48570964.

Let me first state I am not a software engineer so please do not accept this response in any way as a formal or final “truth”- things have a habit of changing when we’re not looking! :slight_smile: TLDR: My understanding is that for most apps, disabling its ability to communicate to the “mothership” effectively ends its tracking ability to organizations like the Big /G/, FB, etc. Now for some finer print as there are three known caveats from my own research:

(1) Some functionality may be impaired as increasingly the apps are relying upon the data stream to/from the “mothership” (/G/ firebase or Crashlytics are examples) for its own purposes- sometimes the app will just fail to work!;

(2) There are operating system “calls” to the “mothership” which generally users do not have ANY control over (but with /e/OS this should not pose a significant issue, which is why we love it so!) ; and

(3) The cellular network itself performs its own tracking that cannot be disabled, as by virtue of its construction, this network needs to know where you are at all times, so that it can provide the “proper” antenna so that data can be transmitted/received with your device and calls aren’t dropped. Whatever else it does with that data is mostly opaque and not transparent- in the U.S. it is shared with government and other corporate entities.

Hope this helps and have a good day.



Many THX for the detailed explanation, i tske many with me…

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