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I just configured an /e/ smartphone (Samsung S7 Edge) which I bought with already pre-installed /e/ (/e/OS 0.7-2020010636667 from January 6th) two weeks ago. The configuration went smooth and worked fine, but each time when I try to update to an actual /e/ version, I always get the message ‘No new updates found’.

However on another /e/ Smartphone (Xiaomi Mi A1) which I am using since summer 2019 there is a newer /e/ version (/e/OS 0.7-2020032847188 from March 28) installed and running.

Therefore my question is: are there any problems wrt. to the /e/ update server or what could be a reason that I cannot update the /e/ version on the Samsung S7 smartphone?
Thanks for any hint -



all phones bought to the e Foundation are on a “stable” branch of /e/ OS, instead of the “dev” branch (the one available to everyone).

It means you will receive less updates, and you will have to wait one mounth (more or less) compared to the dev branch.

On which version are you ? January ?

Hello Axel, problems with the /e/ /e/ update servers are rare and if only of very short duration.

The /e/ build types “stable” and “dev” have different update intervals, but the reason for delayed security updates is due to Android 7 Nougart.

According to the Android™ Security Bulletin, G°°gle discontinued support for the ROM Android™ 7.x (nougat) in the last quarter of 2019 and has not released any security patches / security updates for Android™ 7.x since November 2019.

The /e/ build team now has to generate security patches from Android™ 8.x and 9.x in a complex process which requires a lot of resources - and unfortunately this takes more time than we users would like. This topic has already been eagerly discussed here in the forum.

A /e/ ROM migration from 7-Nougard to 8.1.x Oreo is currently being tested. The migration to /e/ ROM 9-Pie is also under discussion, but will take some time.

I’m a S7 “dev” user and until today I only have the Android security patch level from February 5, 2020.


If I installed /e/ on my Moto E X1527 using

Is it normal the System is version is 0.7-n-20191005-Unofficial-surnia ?

Will it update to more recent version even if it’s an unofficial version ?

Unofficial builds don’t have OTA updates. You will have to wait until the maintainer of the build releases an update. It could be never.

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Hi Archje,
thanks a lot for your reply and the very comprehensive information. I understand the problem, but in fact I don’t like the idea that I bought an /e/-preinstalled smartphone less than 3 weeks ago via the official channels of the, and now I learn that it is not sure if or when there will be any security updates for this smartphone. I would prefer that the does not sell such /e/-preinstalled smartphones if they cannot be provided with security updates, or at least there should be appropriate information during the order process.


Don’t worry, your phone will have an Oreo update, then a Pie update, with official security updates. You will just have to be patient.


Hi guys,
thanks a lot for the information. I did not intend to offend anybody with my email. In contrary, I appreciate a lot the work you are doing with /e/.


No one took it the wrong way :wink:
Don’t hesitate if you have any more concerns.

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Yeah, I hear you, @alhein aka Axel.

All users of /e/ phones with /e/ OS e.o.7-n(ougat), whether Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, S6, S6 Edge, S4 or LG G3 d855, LG G5 h850, Motorola Moto, OnePlus or Xiaomi, are eagerly awaiting 9-pie builds. Not only because various problems are solved by themselves, but also because the 7-nougat security lease problem can be put aside

The /e/ aims are ambitious, the /e/ manpower limited. So the only thing left for the /e/ sympathiser is to be patient.

»Patience is the art of hope« - Luc de Clapiers Vauvenargues