No OTA for fajita (OnePlus 6T) since April 2022

Hi, I use /e/OS for a long time. Everything works well except I’m stuck with v0.23-pie since 2022/04/12. And there is no available OTA update.
Is it normal? Did I miss something?

No one can tell if this is normal or how to get the latest updates please?

I am not sure what exactly you might have missed in May 2022, but that is the time that /e/OS jumped from v0.23 to v1.0

At the same time /e/OS decided to stop supporting Android pie – and the new builds were Android Q.

Linked from Info about OnePlus 6T - fajita, you will find

This is the path you should probably take now.

Be aware that there are currently quite a range of Android versions showing for fajita /e/ image ROM – fajita, but /e/OS is moving towards a “latest Android version only” policy as reported in current notices like

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Thank you very much for your complete answer. It is very helpful!

What I understand:

  • There is no OTA to go from v0.23 to v1.0.
  • The latest version of /e/OS is the v1.9 and is based on Android S (12).
  • Before upgrading, I have to reinstall the stock ROM of Android 12 (because I have Android 9 at the moment). So I will lose all my data?

I guess you will have a little research to do, perhaps start here OnePlus Community … this Edited is the caution from the Upgrade link

Caution: Before following these instructions please ensure that your smartphone is on the latest Android firmware available for your device. For example if available, before flashing /e/OS ‘S’ install Stock Android 12.
Check you device vendor’s website to download the required Stock ROM.

The point being that you need latest, I am not certain what that is for fajita, sorry.

I did find this, but please verify for yourself as well ! Search Detail

So I will lose all my data?

Yes one or more backups should be taken before you start.

As the jump from Android 9 to 12 is so big, I would uninstall all apps that you really do not need a backup of … even the best app backup might not survive such a jump, so keep your backup simple, or essential only, I suggest.

Thank you so much for this excellent information. I will do some research to check how to safely upgrade to /e/OS v1.9 with a OnePlus 6T.