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Hello All, I recently used the easy installer to flash my OnePlus 7T with eOS v1.0. I’d like to update to the latest v1.3 but OTA says no updates are available. Will it eventually notify me of an update or do I have to do it manually? Thanks.

Hi @type_r welcome to the /e/ forum.

I don’t know the answer tbh, but did you find an update ROM for your device? Having installed with Easy Installer I would expect you to have a stable build. This would be confirmed with

Settings > About phone > Android version > /e/ version > Long press fro copy to clipboard.

I do not see any stable ROM image linked from this page Install /e/OS on a OnePlus 7T - “hotdogb” (where I would expect to find it).

We find the dev ROMs at


but no luck at


If you confirm all this, you might consider to Report an issue.

Hi aibd. Based on your response, the updater probably only offers stable builds and since you say there is none available (I can’t open the stable build list link) that’s probably why I’m not getting any updates. I’ll continue to wait for a stable release.

I’ll also consider submitting an issue report if there actually is a stable build newer than 1.0 for the 7T.

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Pure speculation. The stable build might have been created for the generation of devices recently introduced to Easy Installer. It is perhaps possible that the new data has simply not been correctly linked to the sources we can access.

Later edit With a little more digging … when I run


I get files with different modified dates – modified 30-05-2022 – modified 24 -08-2022

This is consistent with a more recent build having been withdrawn.

aibd, thanks for your investigation because I think having regular, stable builds is crucial.


@Manoj /e/ support

The team has responded that some of the device builds got accidentally removed before being published. The builds should be available in v1.4

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@aibd I just received notice on my phone that v1.4 (stable) is available for download :slight_smile:

I successfully OTA updated to v1.4. Took about 5 minutes in all. No issues.

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