No Push Notifications For Natwest Mobile App


All my other apps like WhatsApp, Signal etc generate them just fine but, I get no Natwest Push notifications and I can’t figure out why. I’ve put my device and notifications details below.

Any help on why this is happening is greatly appreciated.

• Phone: Murena Fairphone 3+
• Model: FP3
• OS: /e/OS v1.13
• Android Version: 12

• Settings > App Notifications > Natwest > All Natwest Notifications - ON
• Includes Notifications from Natwest - ON (plus all the relevant individual settings within this)

• Settings > Notifications Settings > General Notifications > Transaction Notifications (All Accounts) - ON

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Check Settings > microG > Cloud Messaging

Is ‘Natwest’ in the list of registered apps?

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Thanks for the reply. Just checked and Cloud Messaging Status is disconnected

If you could provide steps on how to add. Thanks

I’m not a microG expert, but I suspect this is causing the problem.
Are you perhaps using a particular app that may be blocking Google connections?

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No problem and thanks for the information. I finally managed to get it working.

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Could you share how you got it working?


Surething Marc.

After have all the settings mentioned in my first post active, I went to
Settings > System > MicroG > Google Device Registration - ON

After that, Push Notifications starting working for Natwest and the app will show up in Cloud Messaging.

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