No push notifications for nextcloud app


I’m using /e/ version 0.9-p-2020061158052 on a Fairphone 3. Generally push notifications work quite reliably, everything looks good in MicroG and a Push Notification Tester app works without problems. However, the nextcloud client is giving me a hard time.

I downloaded the version from aurora store because the f-droid version does not support push notifications. Still, when I open the notification tab in the nextcloud app, it tells me that “push notifications are not available”. Nextcloud is not listed in the MicroG Google Cloud Messaging settings as well.

I’m using a self-hosted nextcloud installation 19.0.0, no security or setup warnings on the overview page. Push notifications work with a regular Android phone.

Any ideas?

Thanks :slight_smile:

It seems they will need original goolag services

Excuse me the silly question: what messages should NC send? Upload is ready or sync is ready? I’m using NC since a really long time and I never have missed this feature.

Thanks for the reply. From where is that screenshot taken?

In my case its PhoneTrack geofence events that I’m mostly interested in. Server update notifications are nice as well. It’s not a showstopper, because I can get the notifications by mail, but then it’s a few extra clicks to get to the relevant information, and I got used to the push notifications.

Ok, these kind of messages i’n getting from NC client on Linux Laptop.

The screenshot us from NC app when opening notifications via option menue.

Ah, but I guess you have installed the nextcloud app from F-Droid? This version is stripped from the google dependency and does not offer push notifications by design. The playstore version usually does not display this message and should (in theory) support push notifications. I see a different message in my app:


Auroraonly shows me that one.

There’s some “progress” here. After today’s /e/ update, nextcloud is listed under the cloud messaging section of microg, and the warning in the notifications tab of nextcloud is gone.

However, nextcloud just crashed upon receiving its first push message :smile:

Let’s see how this continues…