No Push option in K-9 Mail

I’ve just purchased a Fair Phone 3 and installed /e/. I prefer the interface of K-9 to the /e/ Mail app but I cannot get push notifications to work with K-9. I installed it from the default App store. The option (in Fetch settings right below Poll settings) is not there. Push notifications work fine with the /e/ Mail app (odd as I know it’s based off K-9).

Is this a known issue or is there something I haven’t set up correctly?


I believe this is a known issue: the latest releases (v5.7nn, which are still ‘beta’ status) of K-9 don’t yet support IMAP Idle which is needed to get push notifications. See this form thread for more details. A work around is to install v5.600 from F-Droid. That version does support IMAP Idle (and it is the version that /e/'s fork is based on).


I had this too. This depends on versions, there are several versions of K-9. Some versions don’t have the push options.

I had also another case with K-9: I had push options and configured them for use. And it was indeed working for a while. Then I had a crash of the K-9 app which disappeared from screen. When I started it again the push options were lost completely and the polling interval which I configured manually to “Never” was now on “15min” or so. I can’t explain how this came. But this was the reason why I changed to FairEmail.

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thanks @petefoth for the explanation, TIL the /e/ fork trails by quite a bit - v5.600 was forked in late 2018, ~200 commits on top, 20% being translations. The update is tracked at backlog#1354.

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